Why is your home not selling?

Why do some homes linger on the market for months (or years) while others are snapped up in a matter of days?  Much has to do with price, but a lot of factors can conspire to keep your home sitting…

Let’s talk about price…this is usually the largest factor in any home that doesn’t sell.  Did you meet with several Realtors?  Let me guess, you chose the one who said they would price it the highest and now here you sit.  As your agent, it is my job to price your home to sell, not just put a sign in your yard and garner new buyer clients from sign calls, yes, that’s what happens when your home doesn’t sell, we just get new buyer clients from you while your home languishes!  I watch the market, watch the trends and provide you with the best possible price to get you to your next home, be it in the same city or across the country.  A great rule of thumb is 10 showings no offers or 2 weeks no offers means your home is overpriced.

Now about that decor…everybody’s taste is different, so less is more when it comes to decor at sale time.  Declutter, move away from the 80’s (or even 70’s?) and do everything you can to make the home seem clean and fresh…change out those “builder brass” light fixtures for brushed nickel or bronze, you’ll increase your bottom line!  Paint the walls a light neutral shade and the trim white, pack away the knick knacks and make the home as clutter free as possible: too much clutter = not enough storage in the buyer’s minds!

Make certain you have finished all those little home repair projects, if a home looks as if it’s going to cost half as much to repair or renovate as it does to purchase, it’s going to take a long time to sell.  Don’t forget to deal with the cooking, pet or mold odors!  You may have to consider replacing carpet or painting walls to get rid of the odor, your home should smell clean and fresh, but don’t overdo it!  If potential buyers notice a heavy scent of air freshener, they will wonder what you are trying to cover up!

I have turned down listings because the homeowner was not willing to listen to me regarding price – they listed with another agent at a higher price and sat on the market for 6 months until their listing expired with that agent…then called me, listed at my suggested price and sold in 30 days.  Will you listen to me?  Call me today and let’s talk about it!

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Vicki Reed

Chivalry isn’t dead…but sometimes it’s snoozing…

Remember when men would open and hold doors for women?  Heck, just when anyone would?  I had a great experience this morning that shows me that my Wish # 3 is working!  Just to refresh, Wish # 3 was that everyone remember to be human, not just during the holiday season, but all year long.

Our office building has an exterior door, a vestibule and open stairs coming from the second floor and then another door to enter the first floor of the building and elevators.  As is usual, I’m coming in from the parking lot with a rolling computer bag, another bag on top of that for my BOLD (Business Objective Life by Design) class, and my purse and coffee (yes, I know, too much stuff!  At least with the rolling bag I no longer feel like a pack mule!) and a very nice man had just come down the stairs to leave the building, held the door for me THEN came around me and held the door into the lobby for me as well before he left the building!  He didn’t have to do that, went out of his way to assist me in entering the building…THANK YOU!  This small kindness helped get my day off to a great start.

What have you done for someone else today?  Me?  Well, today I fought for my client and won!  It really wasn’t  huge, we had the final walk-through today before closing on Friday and discovered that the homeowner had removed the chandelier that was in the property when we made the purchase and replaced it with a “builder’s brass” one…they are re-installing the light they removed and my client is happy.  Want a Realtor who will fight for you?  Call, email or text me!

Now…go out and do something nice for someone!


Vicki Reed