When was “you’re welcome” replaced with “no problem”?

As a Realtor, I spend a lot of time out and about…coffee shops, restaurants, even drive-thru’s and have made a startling discovery…when I say “thank you” to someone for a service provided the standard answer is no longer “you’re welcome” or even “my pleasure“, it has been replaced with “no problem”…really?  My friend Don Allen of Union Savings Bank and I had this discussion over a recent breakfast and he made a comment to the wait staff about it and it went right over their head!

This happens frequently when a service has been rendered.  I don’t actually think that I create a problem for someone providing a service, I believe it is part of their job. When somebody says “no problem” or “not a problem” then it makes me think that person really did think that my request for customer service was a problem, and it’s irritating.  Saying “no problem” suggests that the customer was a potential problem and – thank goodness – things turned out okay. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to think of myself as a potential problem customer or an interruption or a disruption or a hassle.

Sure, some customers always seem to have a problem. And some customers may not always approach with the respect deserved. They may let their emotions get the best of them, or may even let their bad moods impact their interaction, but the customers are not the ones getting paid to do a job.

We have jobs and careers because of our customers/clients, tasks and everything else we may be working on can wait. So, the next time a customer/client says “thank you”, say “my pleasure” instead.  If that doesn’t feel comfortable for you, stick with the tried and true “You’re welcome.”

As a Realtor, I try to always respond with “my pleasure”, because it truly is “my pleasure” to make certain that my clients have the best possible experience whether Selling or Buying (or both) a home with me.  Who do you know interesting SELLING a home…BUYING a home…or INVESTING…in real estate in the next 30 days?  Let me treat them the way a Client should be treated!


Vicki Reed

Instead of “State of the Union”, how about the state of Indiana Real Estate?

The Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors (MIBOR) announced yesterday that Indianapolis home sales in 2012 are up 18.5% over 2011!  Fellow agents in my Keller Williams Realty office are complaining that homes are moving so fast that their appointments are being cancelled before they can see the properties because the home sellers have accepted an offer!  Click here for the full Indianapolis Star article and here for the MIBOR press release…NOW IS THE TIME!!!!

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Vicki Reed