Think you are ready to buy a house?

Buying a home is an emotional decision for most people, this is where you will likely spend the next 5 to 7 years of your life, more if you buy right and love the area.  Do your research!  Think about these things and when you are ready…CALL ME!

Researching the neighborhood: Is this some place you really want to live? What amenities are nearby? How is the school district? What does the traffic and street activity look like when you drive by it at different times of day, like Sunday morning and Monday evening rush hour?

Get an inspection: This is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, and you’ll be living with it for years to come. Don’t pinch pennies — shell out $400 for an inspection. Make sure you know exactly what you’re signing up for.

Remember, you can paint!  Don’t buy or not based on decor: Paint color can be changed. Tiles and cabinets can be changed. What you want to look at are the bones of the house. Will it meet your needs? Does it flow well? Does it have enough space?

Don’t buy the most expensive home on the block: Hate to break it to you, but the most expensive home on the block isn’t a good deal. It will only depreciate over time, and you could have trouble selling it when buyers can see plenty of more reasonably priced options in the same neighborhood.

Be realistic with your budget: There are 2 numbers to look at when you are buying a home, just because your lender says you qualify for a $250,000 mortgage, that doesn’t mean you can afford it, especially when you factor in the other costs that come with homeownership. Be real and only look at houses you can realistically afford.

Be realistic about your DIY abilities: Will you really tear down that wall to make a master suite or gut the entire kitchen to make it work for you? Don’t let too much HGTV and delusions of grandeur drive you to buy an ongoing project you’ll regret taking on.

Have money for a down payment:  FHA financing requires 3.5% down, Insured Conventional 5 or 10%, Conventional 20%.  Anything less than 20% down and you’ll pay private mortgage insurance (aka PMI) payments and a higher monthly mortgage payment overall. It may be worth saving up for an extra year or two to reduce your long-term costs.  VA and USDA are 100% down programs, but make certain that’s how you want to go.

Make sure you are ready: Are you financially ready?  Are you ready emotionally? Are you sure you want to stay in this area for years? Does your income feel stable? Are you prepared to take on all that yard work and the repairs you avoided as a renter?

Think you are ready?  Time to call in the experts and find a realtor!  Call or text me at 317-919-7931 or email at…I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Buying a house

Vicki Reed



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